Home Interior Repair

Like any major long-term investment, managing the home requires periodic repair and maintenance work in order to keep its occupants happy and its functionality healthy.


Items that are most commonly in need of updating are those utilized most often such as laying new flooring, replacing door or window frames, or re-tiling in the bathroom and kitchen. Other items simply degrade with age: If you have an older home you may consider carpet repair or removal, replacing electrical switches or installing a new water heater. If you enjoy the aesthetic of your old home but want to improve its functionality, consider replacing countertops, cabinets, room lighting or sink faucets.


In some cases, repair work is required as a result of severe weather conditions: major rain or snow storms cause piping problems and water damage; humid, sunny days cultivate mold infestations and weathered house paint; sub-zero days often cause pipes to freeze or let you know that your windows need resealing and your walls could use more insulation.


Whatever your home interior repair needs, JeffreyLee Construction & Design Ltd. has the tools to fix them. With over 15 years of experience, our general contractors have repaired everything from broken sewer pipes to crumbling drywall and pervasive mold infestations—no task too big or small. We take pride in our exemplary customer service and delivering value on every aspect of the job.


Let us help you reinvest in your home so it can keep your family happy and healthy, the way it should be.