Floor addition

Looking to expand the space in your home? Adding a second or additional floor is a common renovation to consider. A simple floor expansion can dramatically transform the feel of a small square footage or single level home into a spacious, multi-level home. With the additional space, you can add more rooms at whatever size or shape you desire!


Our team of seasoned home contractors will work with you to build out a customized floor plan for the added space. We’ll assess what additional support is required to add to the first-floor foundation, obtain the appropriate zoning clearance, and most importantly, decide on where to construct the staircase.


The beauty of a custom floor build is that you’re in charge of the design. If you want two sinks in the bathroom—you got it. If you want an oversized walk-in closet, you got it! If you want triple the hallway storage space, it’s yours. From cherry to chestnut, you’re in charge of the wood choice for the door frames, the banister (if you want one, of course) and everything in between. We’ll help source the materials you want to build the floor addition you desire.


JeffreyLee contractors have built with a diverse range of materials and installed more interior home furnishings than you can think of. We pay fine attention to detail and aesthetic to make sure your second-floor addition aligns seamlessly with the rest of your home—so much so it will look like it was part of the original build! Just a little bit shinier.


What are you waiting for? Give us a call, tell us your vision, and let’s start expanding.