Bathroom Renovations

No one wants to admit how much time they spend in the bathroom, but we all know it’s more you’d think. Wouldn’t you at least want that time to be spent in a well-lit, nicely designed room? One that looks new and clean with matching accent colors, plenty of storage space, and a flood of natural light for you to bask in while reading on the hot seat?


Bathroom renovations are one of the easier and often cheaper home improvement projects to tackle with results you can immediately feel good about. Consider upgrading to energy efficient appliances so you can save on your heat, water, and energy bills, or replace your faucet with a 1840s Victorian-style one just because you like how they look. Renovate your bathroom lighting so you have more spotlight singing-in-the-shower time, or add another window for more of that afternoon sunlight glow. The possibilities are endless.


Whether it be re-tiling your shower or installing a new sink and countertops, consider JeffreyLee contractors as your go-to renovation gurus for any of your bathroom remodeling needs. If you’re not sure how to renovate but aren’t happy with your status quo, let us take a look. We always have a couple ideas up our sleeve.