Basement finishing

Transform unused basement space into a place you never want to leave


Everyone home has a basement of some sort. Whether or not it’s the creepy, dark, low-ceiling-and-full-of-cobwebs type or one that has the (spacial) potential to host small parties is another story. Your unfinished basement could be unfinished potential—and unfinished fun potential at that.


For many people, it’s hard to envision what their basement could look like or has the capacity to be given its current state. But consider for a moment what it could be. What would you love it to be? An entertainment room, a game room, a guest bedroom suite? A home-office space, a movie theater room, a work-out studio, a scrapbooking room? Add some custom built wine racks and a corner high top table for a home-bar! Throw in a kitchenette or a fireplace and you’ve got yourself a cozy little reading nook equipped with full coffee-making capabilities and a place to rest your wine glass during book club.


From start to finish our skilled contractors will completely transform your unfinished basement into a place you no longer recognize, in a good way. Add a bathroom here and rewire the electricity there and you’ve got yourself a studio apartment! By renovating your unused space, we’ll expand the size of your home, create a room you can use year round, and most importantly, add value to your home.


JeffreyLee architects and designers have a knack for envisioning a functional space when all you may see are four walls and some exposed insulation. Choose from diverse flooring options and finishing accents to customize your space the way you want it. So come on, let us take a look at your hidden basement (trust us, we’ve probably seen worse) and fashion it into a place you’ll want to spend all your time in.